Anti-Wrinkle Treatments 

Botulinum Toxin 

Botulinum toxin (also know as Botox) injections have been around for many years and are a safe and easily accessible way of treating signs of ageing. Treatment can be used  to relax lines on the forehead, frown lines and crow’s feet. Other areas such as smoker’s lines, gummy smile, chin and marionette lines can also be treated with Botox.


This is an excellent treatment for anyone who is beginning to see fine-lines and creases in their skin. We generally recommend to start treatments for wrinkles in your 30s or 40s, to prevent lines becoming deep and entrenched.

We also offer a reduced "baby botox" service which is aimed at younger women who have not yet developed fixed lines but would like to prevent these from forming. This involves giving a much smaller dose of botulinum toxin which will help prevent formation of wrinkles but allow natural movements of the facial muscles.


The treatment is administered using a microneedle; you may feel a very slight scratch as the injections take place to the areas you want to target. The effects of the treatment can take 4-5 days to start showing and the full benefit will be seen at 2 weeks. 


There is no downtime, but you may experience slight bruising at the injection site. You will need to stay up right for 4 hours after treatment and you should avoid strenuous exercise and hot environments such as saunas for 48 hours. 


The treatment is extremely safe while having been studied for use in people for over 100 years and has been the subject of over 2000 peer-reviewed studies and research papers. The results achieved are dependent on the skill of the injector, not the product itself.


1 Area   – £180

2 Areas – £240

3 Areas – £280